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Among Us is a puzzle video game that aims to make you think. You need to solve puzzles by using your intellect and deduction skills. This makes the game a challenging yet exciting one. The game was developed by Epic Games and it’s available on PC and PlayStation 4.

Epic Games

The most popular PC game of 2015, Among Us, has a free week on the Epic Store. In addition to offering free week access, Among Us also offers players a chance to earn some free games on the store. If you are new to the franchise or a veteran of the series, it’s worth checking out the free week to see if it’s right for you. While it’s not the most expensive title given away by Epic Games, it is a worthy alternative for players who haven’t yet invested in the PC version.

If you’re interested in giving the game a try, you can download the game for free on the Epic Games store, or visit their website to download it. To download the game, you must sign into your Epic account and click the “Place Order” button. The transaction costs $0, and the developer, Innersloth, has a lot of experience with this game, so you can rest assured you’ll have an enjoyable time.

The free week means that you don’t have to worry about missing out on the game’s major releases. Among Us is an action-adventure game that’s worth checking out. It has a great storyline, and you’ll enjoy exploring the world and killing enemies. You’ll have to be very careful when choosing who you kill in this game, but you won’t get hurt in the process. The game is also very fun to play and you’ll want to get it as soon as possible.


Fortnite is a hit game that features many well-known video game characters. Some of these include Street Fighter’s Chun-Li and Halo’s Master Chief. However, it is the content creators who are responsible for making Among Us one of the biggest hits of 2020. As the game has become so popular, Epic Games has collaborated with various brands and media outlets. This is an incredible feat for the company, and there are no signs that this momentum will slow down anytime soon.

The Fortnite Imposters mode drew criticism from gamers. This new game mode borrows heavily from Among Us, prompting a response from Innersloth’s developer. The developers say the game is a direct influence on their content, so it’s possible that they’ll work on new crossover content soon. However, players should remain wary of imposters. For more information on collaboration, visit the official website of the game.

Among Us

You can download the free version of Among Us from the Epic Games Store or its website. In order to download the game, you need to sign into your Epic account and click on the “Place Order” button. The transaction costs $0, and there is no need to register or pay. The developer of Among Us, Innersloth, says the game will provide a new experience for gamers. There are four maps in the game, new gameplay tasks, and new hats for players to collect.

You can play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android. The release date of the game has not yet been revealed, but it is planned for sometime in 2019.

Among Us will be cross-platform compatible, meaning you can play it with other players on any of these platforms. It will also support PlayStation 4 cross-play, which means it will work on PlayStation as well. This is great news for gamers who play Among Us on PC, as you can play it with your friends from the same platform. Once you get used to playing with other people online, you can even invite your friends to play.

With so many collaborations, Fortnite has become the king of the lockdown genre. Recently, the game was the subject of an Ariana Grande concert, and Travis Scott has even performed a concert inside the Fortnite game. The backstory behind this collaboration with Among Us is surprising. Among Us is a game for all ages, and it encourages communication and deception among its players. If you enjoy playing Fortnite, you’ll love Among Us.


If you’ve been playing the game, then you’ve likely heard of the upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and Lockdown: The Game. The collaboration will begin on June 9, 2022, and last until June 9, 2023. You can find out more about the new collaboration on the Epic Games website. Read on to find out more about how it will impact the game. If you’re looking for a new set of weapons or skins, Epic has you covered.

Impostors is a new game mode introduced by Epic Games. This mode is based on the Among Us game mode, and it allows for up to 10 players to play simultaneously. In this game mode, you play as an agent and you’re assigned a specific task in the new map. The impostors, on the other hand, are in it to ruin your work. You’ll need to stay vigilant and work together to survive. Among Us is also similar to Fortnite in that you’re given a random opponent and they have to kill everyone else on the board.

You can also purchase cosmetics in the in-game store. These items will make you look and feel even more appealing, and you’ll be able to use them to make yourself look better in the game. But you should keep in mind that these cosmetics won’t be free! Epic Games says that the cosmetics will be available for a year. If you’re worried about having to buy them, you’ll be able to get them later on!

Fortnite Impostors

If you’re looking for new ways to play Fortnite, the Impostors mode is just what you’re looking for. This new mode allows players to take on roles of both Agents and Impostors. Players can choose which of them to be and then choose which map they want to enter. The Imposters can also be selected by a voice chat command. The game’s developers are also looking for feedback on the new addition.

The game’s new Impostors mode will have players working together to deceive others and steal their assets. The goal is to eliminate as many of your opponent’s resources as possible while completing tasks as you can. It’s similar to the mega hit social deduction game Among Us, but you’ll have to be able to deceive your opponents to complete assignments. There are many ways to play the new Fortnite Impostors mode, but there are also several differences between the two.

First off, Impostors can freeze the progress of every Assignment for a few seconds. This helps to make it difficult for players to complete the task at hand. Another tool that Impostors use is teleporting players. This can be done temporarily or permanently. Impostors can also freeze the progress of other players in The Bridge. This can prove extremely useful when it comes to winning games. With this new feature, you can be sure that Impostors have a lot to offer.

Another major difference between the Impostors and Among Us game modes is the gameplay mechanics. The game’s Impostors mode is a great way to improve your gameplay. This mode is streamable and lets players compete against each other for high scores. You can even get your friends to play your new Impostors game with you! Just remember to play responsibly! When playing Fortnite, remember that you can’t play recklessly or risk losing your game!

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